Every Day Heroes

What does the word hero mean to you? Is it a super hero that saves the world? Is it someone in the military that puts it all on the line every day? The truth is there are so many different types of heroes. For most people the only people that are considered heroes are people we see in the news. Or we think that the only way to be a hero is by saving someones life. I used to think this way but I realized there are many more ways to be a hero.

Not every hero wears a Costume or a uniform. Heroes don’t have to be this mythical idea that isn’t attainable. You may think you couldn’t be a hero because after all you are just a normal person. I have to admit I often thought like that but I now realize that is a really damaging way of thinking. Not a single one of us is just a normal person. We all are so much more than that. Everybody has something special about them but it just takes time to find our true calling. Don’t always put yourself in normal person mode as it will prevent you from achieving greatness. A true belief is one of the greatest powers a hero can have. You have to believe great things are headed your way. Yes superheroes save the world but you have someone to save too. Yourself. Yes save yourself and start believing in yourself. Its not to late to save the day and give yourself the life you truly deserve. Its not to late to be a hero.

I think we are all heroes. There are teachers who work so hard to make a difference in someone s life. Parents who go to great heights to make sure their children live a great life. If you can Impact someones life that is the most heroic thing you can do. We can all impact each other and spread positive energy throughout the world. Don’t wait for tomorrow. Start being a hero today.


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